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Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness Brand Awareness

As hardcore advertising professionals, building brands is a function we know well. A team of creative people and marketing strategists, we are pushing the boundaries of innovative messaging and engagement. We create and manage creative conversations brands have with their respective target audiences, we create brand images that people love, take inspiration from and follow, and we create ideas that help brands take their avatars viral.

From reviving grand-daddy brands to birthing the new, we have handled brands of all sizes and at various stages of their lifecycle, resuscitating some, creating a whole new avatar for some others and, introducing some to their correct target audiences. We do this through a combination of tools and approaches based on hardcore data we obtain. Our clients range from the shakers and movers in the industry to small and medium sized businesses across different verticals.


Brand Awareness is advertising a specific brand or product to the consumer until they are familiar. Brand awareness plays a mighty role as this is the first step to know about peoples interest and potential consumers, it also can influence consumers to fall for your product.

There are several methods that can contribute to brand awareness:

  • Advertising
  • Market Campaigns
  • Social media presence
  • Word-of-mouth referrals
  • Companies may also use strategies such as Product Placement, sponsorships and celebrity endorsements to increase brand awareness

Brand awareness is important because it is the initial step to make people understand that the product exist in the environment. If not they wont even consider when making a purchasing decision.

Generally, the amount of time taken to build brand awareness can vary depending on the effectiveness of the product and company. But to reach people in a fast and proper way Cedilla identifies a set of people or location and do brand recall, brand recognition, and brand familiarity, And in addition to that we often use surveys and focus groups to gauge brand awareness and track changes over time.

Brand awareness is making consumers familiar with a particular brand that this product exists in nature. Whereas, Brand recognition is the ability of the consumer to correctly identify a particular brand when ever they opt for their service.

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