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Myspanish Pantry


Client Brief

Ouarda was the brain child of its founder a prominent Spanish lawyer and her love for Non-alcoholic wines. Ouarda focuses on a very niche clientele of wine and grocery lovers and fulfills their needs of high quality products which are healthy and freshly manufactured from the luscious vineyards of Spain and Germany.

Case Studies Image
Case Studies Image


Ouarda did not have a website. So, our marketing efforts had to begin from scratch and not having a history on marketing channels is a challenge. We had to focus on both paid marketing but, organic reach also had be given more importance as well. Building an audience base from scratch.

Our Accomplishments

With the design and development of a user-friendly e-commerce website, we strategized and successfully gained 2000+ organic followers and with the paid campaigns, we have increased their sales by 50%.

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