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Having a great website is one thing but monetizing that website is something else altogether. This is precisely what our Web Analytics addresses. Website analytics rightly read and acted upon can help address plenty of underlying issues that could be preventing your website from performing the way it should. From helping remove unwanted content and elements to including performance enhancers, our web analysts take over and walk your website over to become its high performing avatar by consistently standing by and enabling tweaks as and when necessary. We help capture and disseminate information on

  • Who is visiting your website
  • What time of the day your website get best hit rates
  • How long your visitors stay on every page
  • What they do once online
  • What is their browsing behaviour
  • What is their purchase behaviour
  • What campaigns create more footfalls
  • Which keywords work best and which ones don’t
  • What medium of communication gets you better results
  • What results in cart abandonment
  • Frequently visited pages
  • Frequency of visits
  • Pages browsed per visit
  • Repeat/unique visitor count and ratios and more

Talk to us for real-time analytics, intelligent monitoring, e-commerce reports and more.

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