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Is Wikipedia part of your brand plan? As a CXO, organisation or businessperson, are you on Wiki? You should be.

As the world’s 7th most visited online publication averaging 2 billion unique visitors per month, the importance of your presence on Wikipedia needs to reiteration. Every brand today is vying to be on the platform. Given all this, there can only be 1 reason why you are still not on this hugely beneficial platform, why you haven’t had the honour of a page/citation attributed to you: you don’t know how. Get your Wikipedia presence professionally managed.


  • Build traffic and drive backlinks to your site
  • Create a source of information which your audience can trust with respect to you or your brand
  • You get to specify your offerings in a credible manner
  • Win the credibility war with ease as people attribute higher trust to Wiki’s user-generated, user-edited content

How can we help you/your brand?

By evaluating a project at Editor level, we help open the doors to your Wiki presence. We further make the necessary moves to safely get your page to live status. We stay with you and your page over the next 6 months, adding value by editing, adding more information, rewriting, keeping the page active and updated in accordance with Wiki guidelines to ensure that your page gains the right to stay live and reap the benefits.

What is required from you? What is the process?

  • Share all brand details you wish to see on the page with us, along with all references and online coverages you/your brand has had
  • This information is formatted and submitted for Wiki’s approval
  • Page creation and content development for the same gets underway
  • Page is submitted for approval and taken live once approved by the Wiki team

How do we do it?

  • We check if your business is eligible to create a Wikipedia page
  • We create the Wikipedia page
  • We contribute to existing pages for you so as to win you credibility on the platform
  • In the meantime, we research and gather resources for your page
  • Create an outline and make a draft of the content and other inputs
  • Keep improvising the content to stay relevant and live

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