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Cedilla is a full-service digital solutions agency that is helping brands remain consistently competitive in the digital space. Through custom marketing strategies and creative ideas stemming from powerful data-based insights, we deliver customer-centered experiences that help brands continuously find and target the right audience and achieve absolute returns on their investments.

We are known for the impactful organic results we create. We ideate, conceptualize, design, and convert campaigns to achieve highly trackable results for your brand. We stay focussed on the basics and derive analytics-based solutions which are essential for your brand’s growth.

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Marketing - Keyword, Strategy, Survey, & Analytics

Data analysis plays a major role in keyword strategy. Our keyword strategy is derived according to how you want to use the keywords in the near future by integrating it with your goals and KPIs. User-oriented words, and competitor ranking are some of the important parameters that are considered while chalking out a successful strategy.



We are ‘automation at supersonic speeds’. We help brands achieve a sustainable and ubiquitous digital presence and absolute value by applying path-breaking technologies, top-notch tools and, both tailor-made and turn key solutions.



We employ rigorous tools and techniques for a competitive digital presence for the brand through innovative strategies, monitoring customer journey maps, and customer-focused sales funnels giving your brand better reach within your budget.



Relevant and impactful are the two areas of our designs. We bring you reliable and breathtaking brand experiences through website, apps, branding designs, and marketing materials powered by our experience and knowledge.

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Social Media Marketing

The ubiquitous Social Media Marketing is appropriately used to influence consumer behaviour, facilitate easier connections and interactions. With effective strategy, listening and engagement, and analytics abilities, we maintain and optimize your profiles. We attract a relevant audience with posts, videos, stories, and live videos.

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Search Engine Optimization

Offer advertisers to showcase their strength to the select target audience or motivated customers at the right time when they would like to reach out to you and your products. Paid campaigns (PC) are sure to bring in more footfalls and intended responses. Our PCs are very successful as we choose the right demographics, audience, persona, platform, and re-targeting tools in place.

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Web / App & AI

Our well-designed and functional websites created by us will offer ease of visibility online. With our top-notch services, your traffic and rate of conversion are bound to increase.

We appreciate your passion for designing Apps which help bring alive your vision with customer-centric applications which generate customer interest.

AI will be used as a transformer of efficiency and give a competitive advantage to users.

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Brand Awareness

Our advertising display and campaigns are innovative and specially designed to captivate the audience, capture their imagination and stimulate their emotions. Before launching a campaign, we use search knowledge and contextual marketing to successfully create awareness.

Campaigns are also specific for each client and we try to reach a broad audience with varying degrees of usage on online platforms or Apps like YouTube or even mobile users. This helps increase view KPIs and decrease cost per view.

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Wikipedia Page Creation

As the world’s 7th most visited online publication averaging 2 billion unique visitors per month, the importance of your presence on Wikipedia needs to reiteration. Every brand today is vying to be on the platform. Given all this, there can only be 1 reason why you are still not on this hugely beneficial platform

Client says

Comment- My group, Global Estate Capital, recently engaged Manoharan at Cedilla Interactive to help us build brand awareness and penetrate new investor markets.

Cedilla Interactive spent the time to listen to our needs and formulated then executed upon a results driven digital campaign. The results came rapidly and my team has been actively dealing with highly quality leads in a diverse range of markets.

A sharp and dynamic team that is up to speed on all the new age tech. We have been highly impressed and will continue to work with this group in the future.

Jonathan Nichols

Property Developer/ Fund Manager ( Global estate Capital )


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